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A Brief History of Tractors in Australia – Part 3

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ChamberlainBob Chamberlain worked as a tractor mechanic for many years and designed a tractor according to the farmers wishes. He built the prototype 40K in Melbourne and became the 1st tractor tested at the ATT station in 1946. The first 40K tractor was produced in 1949 and after that followed several models including a diesel.

KL BulldogKelly and Lewis started to produce their own Bulldog after the 2nd World War. The started very good in Victoria and had a plan to produce many plants, but ended up with less than 1000. The first bulldog came in 1949 and continued until 1954. By this time, they produced improved version of the tractor. In 1956 the company was controlled and taken by J. Deere.

Big LizzieBig Lizzie was built by Frank Bottrill in 195 – 1916, but before that he had developed Dreadnaugh Wheels fitted to other tractors. He worked the tractor until the middle 1920’s.

These days, farm tractors are more than just an equipment that helps in farming. They’ve become an indispensable part of the Australian agricultural families.

Due to the large consumption of agricultural product, the production and consumption of tractors is growing too, so when investing in farm tractors, explore every little detail before buying it. This is the main reason why today there are many machinery stores specialized in farm machinery where in you can find many tractors for sale in Australia. These tractors for sale in Australia differ by their performances, color, size, brand, specifications and prices.

Besides from the size, type and color they also differ by their main purpose and because of their enormous consumption there are many Australian companies, which produce tractors only for the Australian consumers.

You can find farm tractors in a traditional stores, specialized in selling machinery or in one of the many online stores where in you can find many discounts and tractors for sale because of the competition. If you are from Queensland and want to buy tractor, do a research and find reliable tractors for sale Qld store. There are many specialized online stores that provide different types of tractors from different countries. Find tractors for sale Qld stores in Queensland that offer many discounts and tractors for sale at affordable prices.


A Brief History Of Tractors In Australia – Part 1

Just like most industries, Australian agriculture has experienced unexpected gains and benefits in output and productivity, through the use of new modern technology over the last 100 years. At the turn of the century, great part of the energy used to farm operation came from manual labor, at times assisted with horses, steam power and bullock.

Tractors-in-AustraliaLarge scale gazing and farming relied upon the availability to lots of unskilled workers. Nowadays, farms that employed a huge number of laborers at the turn of the century are controlled by a few people by using advanced technology and machinery.

The innovative developments or simply said improvements in disease and weed control with the help of new advanced chemicals, have transformed the methods and ways in which farmers control diseases in livestock or crops and prepare their ground.

However, the use of new technologies, fertilizers, tractors and tractor implements and chemicals bring new challenges to the Australian agriculture.

But lets say a few words about the history of Australian tractors. The mechanization of Australian farming was a little bit slower than the other countries as a result of the huge distance and the cost of transporting farm machinery to the other end of the world. And, this was the main reason why Australian farmers, blacksmiths, engineering companies etc. became specialist at inventing and adapting their own farm machinery.

Some of the first farm machinery included a stripper by John Ridley and John Bull in 1943, R. Bowyer’s Stum Jump Plow in 1876, in 1884 James Morrow patented a stripper-harvester and in the same year Hugh McKay produced its first stripper.

The first steam engines were imported and used primarily in flourmills, and the gold rush increased their use in rock stamping and water pumping. In the middle of 1800’s Australian firms started to produce portable and traction steam engines. It is believed that the first used inner combustion engine tractor in Australia was in 1903 from England.

McDonald – One of the tractor pioneers of Australia was Alfred Henry McDonald. Together with his brother they started an engineering business in Melbourne in the early 1900’s. Their first produced tractor was in 1908, the Imperial EA 20hp 2 cylinder model. After their first tractor, followed models like, EB, EAA and some lightweight models, all powered by their kerosene fueled, spark ignition engines. They started experimenting with Super Diesel engines and in 1920’s imported the Swedish Advance and the American Emmerson – Braingham. After a short absence of manufacturing tractors, they began again their production in 1930 and continued to produce tractors until 1955.

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