What Makes LED the Ideal Type of Automotive Lighting

What Makes LED the Ideal Type of Automotive Lighting

For over 50 years, halogen lights have been the most commonly used types of lighting for our streets and homes. However, that’s to change after September 2018, as Europe has decided it’s time to move the more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights. Even though this change is expected to take place in Australia no sooner than 2020, many people are welcoming it already and are switching to LED lights, whether that’s in their homes, vehicles, businesses, etc.

LED lights are becoming especially popular automotive lighting solutions, as they increase the safety and visibility while driving at night. What makes them better than halogen lights is their construction, efficiency, durability and ruggedness. All of these things combined make choosing LED over halogen lights an easy choice for most drivers.

The first difference between LED automotive lighting and halogen lighting is the construction. Unlike conventional light bulbs, who feature a filament inside an enclosed glass envelope containing gas, LED bulbs produce light by applying voltage to the diode’s leads. This process is known as electroluminescence, which is very elaborate and requires a lot of in-depth explaining, but its benefits over conventional light sources are easier to explain.

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As aforementioned, LED automotive lights are much more energy efficient. Conventional automotive lights like halogen lights convert only about 3% of the electricity they receive into visible light. On the other hand, LED lights convert about 90% of the energy they receive into visible light. This means that LED light bulbs are capable of producing significantly more light per watt than halogen bulbs.

Moreover, halogen bulbs use filament contained inside a gas inhibitor that resists incoming current and creating light as a result. If anything impacts how the filament burns inside the gas inhibitor, the bulb may fail and need to be replaced. While halogen lights have come a long way, and there are models that can last over a thousand hours, LED lights last much longer. The main reason for this is the fact that LED lights don’t need an inhibitor to prevent them from burning up. The semiconductors that make up the diode act as inhibitors themselves.

Lastly, LED lights are more impact and vibration resistant, which makes them ideal for vehicles. Where most other types of light bulbs would frequently break due to rigorous wear, LED lights can withstand a lot of abuse and keep on shining, whether that’s on or off the road.


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