How to Clean and Maintain Your Car

How to Clean and Maintain Your Car

Maintenance is part of everyday life, we maintain everything in our lives to some extent, without it time takes its toll and things start to deteriorate. One thing that people continue to neglect despite the frustration of those who don’t is the vehicle. The solution to this is very simple, you maintain your car once a month and clean it once a week. Setting aside the time to do so isn’t as difficult as most people might make it out to be since it depends on the condition you keep your vehicle in.

Car cleaning

By cleaning it out and setting some measures so it doesn’t get dirty as fast or as easily would add to its longevity and value. Think of it as a ritual you perform to keep your vehicle going for as long as possible. So what should you focus on when cleaning your car on a weekly basis, a standard cleaning should involve using a vacuum to clear out any small particles in your vehicle that might be leftover on the seats. Then you can clear out any garbage you might find on the floor, it’s a simple enough task. Afterwards, you should consider the car floor mats you use, they ensure that any water, moisture or snow slush that could cause rust to the floor of the car.

Most car floor mats are meant to stop any garbage, dust, sand, and moisture from getting to the floor of the vehicle. They can also serve as a stylistic element to your interior, and since mats protect your car’s carpet they add to the resell value of your vehicle. There are also some options for customized vehicle mats but they’re not as long lasting as rubber ones, and wiping your feet on your favorite character’s face might bring joy and glee to some to most it’s not even worth the novelty so rubber might be your best option. Using rubber car mats is suggested especially when it comes down to off-road vehicles since you don’t want mud or sand on your SUV’s carpet.

car mats.jpg

As for maintenance, you’ll want to check three things semi-regularly to ensure that they don’t need replacing. The spark plug, oil and tire pressure should be checked on a monthly basis. Usually, the spark plug, oil filter, and oil need to be changed on an annual basis, but you still need to ensure that they’re functioning properly before you drive.


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