Strobe Warning Lights – Workplace Signs That Can Save a Life


The safety of workers is a business owner’s top priority, if one cannot protect his workers then he/she is subject to legal repercussions and general disdain. This means that every company has to have at least some systems in place to ensure that their workers are safe during an incident or any other form of danger. Especially prevalent in industrial companies and manufacturers where the use and or processing of hazardous materials is in place, this also counts for companies that use heavy machinery and vehicles for their occupation.

There are many ways that both workers and passers by can be informed of the dangers of that specific area, through proper signage and strobe warning lights, and at least one security officer if the area is in the front of the building. The number of warnings doesn’t need to be overwhelming, but they do need to inform whoever passes by them about what sorts of dangers they might face in while in the designated danger zone.

But what systems would you need exactly to inform everyone of the dangers that they might face in their vascinity. Well first you need to outfit every heavy vehicle and machine with strobe warning lights, they are usually yellow and they spin with two yellow LED lights that cause enough light to be noticed but not enough to cause alarm. This shouldn’t be the only method used, the installation of sirens would also help alert workers about any danger that might’ve come up such as a chemical spillage or a fire which would be deadly to anyone uninformed of the situation. In most cases this would be enough to inform everyone in the area on what’s going on, but there should also be proper placement of exit sings and paths which would go a long way in keeping everybody safe as they exit the building.

With these systems in place the work environment and the workers themselves would be prepared for any potential disasters that might occur during regular work hours. The right warning system will also ensure that the disaster can be contained, and everyone can get out of the way when first responders or the clean up crew come in to assess the situation. There should also be emergency equipment set up in certain areas of the structure, specifically for fire-fighting which could be used by the workers to temporarily douse the fire in order to escape from the dangerous area.


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