Month: May 2018

All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior

All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior

There are many reasons to own a 4WD vehicle in the sprawling roads of the land down under, the various forests, sand dunes and sprawling flatlands that are all key locations for off road enthusiasts. And there is one vehicle that is considered the most popular and reliable vehicle, that is the Toyota Hilux. The Hilux is one of the most reliable and durable vehicles in the world, it’s compared to the AK- 47. Performance wise the Hilux is fairly capable as far as 4WD’s go, and Australian drivers know this isnce it’s been the most popular vehicles from 2012 which has held its place for years.

But to make it into a off road viable vehicle which one could use to go through any possible environment, decking out the Hilux is simple enough since there are so many already modified that one can use as an inspiration point. The first of which should the bull bar that will protect the front of your vehicle, the bumper and the bonnet can be protected from animal attacks and fairly rough roads that could cause damage to the vehicle’s front end. Keep in mind that some regulations apply to bull bars that would make them illegal if they surpass the shape and size that are set in the guidelines, so ensure that your bull bar is compliant with CI – 112 from the department of transport, with the bull bars you can also add Toyota Hilux weathershields that will help stop water dirt and grime from getting into the interior of the cab and the engine compartment. Continue reading “All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior”


Strobe Warning Lights – Workplace Signs That Can Save a Life


The safety of workers is a business owner’s top priority, if one cannot protect his workers then he/she is subject to legal repercussions and general disdain. This means that every company has to have at least some systems in place to ensure that their workers are safe during an incident or any other form of danger. Especially prevalent in industrial companies and manufacturers where the use and or processing of hazardous materials is in place, this also counts for companies that use heavy machinery and vehicles for their occupation. Continue reading “Strobe Warning Lights – Workplace Signs That Can Save a Life”