The Off-Road Power of a Hilux & How to Maximize It

There are many reasons that justify the Toyota Hilux’s popularity in Australia, the most prominent of which is its comfort on the road and its capabilities off-road. The Hilux has been around for about half a century now, and with time its been improved significantly since its inception in march of 1968. It’s a compact pickup truck that can have two to four seats in the cab depending on how much space you want on the deck. There are eight generations of this vehicle and the one you’ve probably seen the most is the seventh generation which was produced from 2004 to 2015 and in 2012 was Australia’s most popular vehicle being #1 on the sales charts. And this is due to its affordable power and comfort for both paved and unpaved roads.

With these capabilities every Hilux has the potential to become an off-road beast, tackling every possible terrain. The first of which should be a Toyota Hilux body lift, this modification will give your vehicle more ground clearance and depending on the type of lift you get improve the suspension. There are two specific types of lift kit for all vehicles and they are different suspension system and larger wheels which require specific parts to be fitted to the vehicle’s drive shaft. To allow for better clearance under the vehicle whenever you’re driving over bumpy roads with a Toyota Hilux body lift you’ll have a much easier time than one would without any form of lift or without larger tyres.

The Hilux doesn’t require any performance mods to tackle everything you throw at it, but it could still do with a few protective mods such as bull bars, rear bars, side steps and a bottom plate which would add to the protection of the vehicle in significant ways, protecting the bonnet, rear and bottom by adding a barrier between the vehicle and the danger. And with your modified Hilux you’ll have every path open and ready to be crawled through. The well-oiled machine that is the Hilux is regularly being used in every off-road environment throughout the world and Australia is no exception.

Hilux numbers in Australia stretch into the tens of thousands, this is due to the aforementioned reliability, durability and comfort that the vehicle provides. The number of sales during 2016 is proof of Australia’s love for the vehicle and it will stay as the most popular vehicle for years to come.


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