A Glimpse into the Successful Operation of Weidmuller


Industries that relay on efficient and accurate connections, whether that be for signals, power or data need top quality wire processing tools designed to provide a reliable and successful connection. This kind of tools should be able to deliver optimum performance so that professionals in the industry like engineers, electricians and data connection specialists can do their job safely, efficiently and with enhanced precision. From constructing electrical panels to building electrical machinery, wire processing equipment can be used for many different applications. Choosing the best tool for the job is of utmost importance when it comes to creating a data or power connection that can meet the established engineering standards and specifications.


Dedicated to create the best industrial connectivity solutions, Weidmuller is a leading global provider of wire processing equipment that is well-known for its advanced innovative design and great processing features. The successful operation of the company spans for more than 160 years. Since it was first established in 1850 in Chemnitz, Weidmuller has put the focus on competence and relatability with the main goal to deliver the best connections. While these days the company is working to provide solutions within the field of industrial connectivity. Back then, it provided different kinds of connections. Initially Weidmuller was a textile company that produced press studs.

Fast forward to 1943 and the conditions imposed by the ongoing Second World War forced the company to make changes in the product range. During this period the first Staffel modular terminal was produced in cooperation with Chief Engineer Wilhelm Staffel. In 1959 Weidmuller expanded beyond the German borders and opened its first international group company in England. This year marks the beginning of the company’s international expansion. These days Weidmuller represented in more then 80 countries and Weidmuller products are well know for their innovative design, enhanced performance and reliability.

The wire processing tools produced by Weidmuller are designed to make tasks like crimping, cutting, screwing, testing, and stripping quick, easy and efficient. The vast selection of Weidmuller Products for cutting can meet many different cable processing requirements. Their unique cutter shape allows professionals to cut copper and aluminium cables with enhanced precision yet minimal effort. The cutting tools are made from top quality materials and deliver clear and straight cuts, thus preventing conductor deformations. In addition to its practical cutting tools, the company has created advanced cable cutters that allow for simple and successful one-hand cutting of aluminium and copper conductors.


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