Small Electric Motors: Products Where Size and Power Meet

Small Electric Motors: Products Where Size and Power Meet

While in the past it was unimaginable to rely on machinery, not just up to some degree but to a greater one, nowadays we actually can’t imagine living in a world that doesn’t rely on them. We’ve practically become dependent on technology so it’s not an exaggeration to say we’re all more or less addicted to it. While we require it for our daily life tasks, staying in touch with loved ones, paying bills, shopping and entertainment, it’s also the turning wheel behind industries and production. This is due to the convenience to run efficiently for a long period of time, operating at optimal speed and adding to the increase of productivity.

small electric motor

Thinking of machinery, perhaps you’re imagining large scale designs, but even small ones have quite a remarkable impact. Take small electric motors for instance, with less than one horsepower, they are still able to produce rotary movements through magnetism, converting electrical into mechanical energy same as other motors, and yet still provide easy maintenance and low costs which makes it obvious why they are the recommended option in certain cases. Producing enough mechanical power by running at high speeds, being cleaner and less expensive means they are perfect for a number of industrial applications.

Also known as fractional horsepower motors, the small electric motors are widely present in the automobile industry, more specifically in the locks, powered seats, mirrors, electric windows and wipers, roof and trunk openers, as well as in welding, automatic doors, centrifuge devices, office machinery, wheel chairs and medical devices, including home appliances such as pumps, refrigerator compressors, vacuum cleaners, washing and coffee machines; in other words they’re all around us. Though it might seem like they are a recent product, they have actually been present since the 19th century thanks to Nikola Tesla’s induction motor.

The role consumerism had to the development of the small motors is undeniable considering it brought about the need for mass production of home appliances. You won’t have much of a trouble repairing or replacing them altogether due to the low costs mentioned earlier in the article. Taking their immense role into account we might as well agree on the quote “Small things take up the most room. It’s incredible to note the pace of advancement technology and innovations have and we’re constantly the witnesses of designs and products that aim to simplify life even more, the focus being on reduction on size and weight and increase of power. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll see motors significantly much much lesser in size with the same power.


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