Inverter Generators – Features And Top Brands


Inverter generator is a machine of great use in situations of sudden power outage. It is machine that will keep a backup of power for the devices that depend on it. No matter where you need to use it, be it in household, camping or industrial work site, the operation of your electrical devices will never be interrupted again. There is a variety of different inverter generator brands, the most reliable and most commonly sought and purchased brands on the Australian market are:

  • Yamaha
  • Hyundai
  • Champion

Why Inverter Generators are better than Standard Generators?

If you need the generator for home use, for camping or if you run small business, the inverter generator is better choice, because they are more compact machines. Unlike the standard generators, the inverter generators produce clean energy, which wont damage any of your electrical device. Furthermore, the inverter generator is more fuel efficient, and produces less noise.

In addition, the inverter generator comes in compact size, which means that you can use it for different applications on different sites, no matter the purpose for using the generator. On the other side, most of the conventional generators need a special place and a frame for storing, and can not be moved easily and frequently.

Features of the inverter generator to consider before choosing one:

  • Watts – before choosing the inverter generator for your home or work, you should know know the wattage requirements of the devices that will be powered with it. Inverter generators come with different wattage capacity.
  • Fuel Capacity – this is one another important thing to consider when it comes to inverter generators, if you need to power smaller devices, you needn’t to buy an inverter generator with large fuel capacity.
  • Weight – inverter generators can be heavyweight and lightweight. If you plan to move the generator often, choose some lightweight model of inverter generator.
  • Engine – the engine of the inverter generator is the main factor upon which the fuel efficiency depends. Better option is to look for some cost efficient variant of the engine.
  • Price – inverter generators come in different prices that range from $700 to $3000 or more. Choose the generator that will meet your needs. You can always find an inverter generator for a reasonable price.

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