How to Prepare for Your First Caravanning Trip

How to Prepare for Your First Caravanning Trip

There is nothing like cracking open a cold drink while you’re out in the wilds with either your mates or your family. It’s one of the most popular experiences to have in Australia, the land of happy campers. But what most don’t realize is that the majority of campers in the land down under are actually caravaning instead of hiking it to their desired destination in the wilds. This isn’t inherently bad since the comforts of a mobile home are far better than a simple tent or swag in the cold on the ground.

Bringing along some of the creature comforts of home is something every camper should do now and again since this way you can bring along any friends or family that aren’t as used to nature. However, caravaning isn’t as simple as it sounds if it’s your first time getting a fresh mobile home ready, you’re going to need a lot more than just the caravan itslef. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Your First Caravanning Trip”

All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior

All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior

There are many reasons to own a 4WD vehicle in the sprawling roads of the land down under, the various forests, sand dunes and sprawling flatlands that are all key locations for off road enthusiasts. And there is one vehicle that is considered the most popular and reliable vehicle, that is the Toyota Hilux. The Hilux is one of the most reliable and durable vehicles in the world, it’s compared to the AK- 47. Performance wise the Hilux is fairly capable as far as 4WD’s go, and Australian drivers know this isnce it’s been the most popular vehicles from 2012 which has held its place for years.

But to make it into a off road viable vehicle which one could use to go through any possible environment, decking out the Hilux is simple enough since there are so many already modified that one can use as an inspiration point. The first of which should the bull bar that will protect the front of your vehicle, the bumper and the bonnet can be protected from animal attacks and fairly rough roads that could cause damage to the vehicle’s front end. Keep in mind that some regulations apply to bull bars that would make them illegal if they surpass the shape and size that are set in the guidelines, so ensure that your bull bar is compliant with CI – 112 from the department of transport, with the bull bars you can also add Toyota Hilux weathershields that will help stop water dirt and grime from getting into the interior of the cab and the engine compartment. Continue reading “All the Mods Required to Turn a Hilux Into an Off Road Warrior”

Strobe Warning Lights – Workplace Signs That Can Save a Life


The safety of workers is a business owner’s top priority, if one cannot protect his workers then he/she is subject to legal repercussions and general disdain. This means that every company has to have at least some systems in place to ensure that their workers are safe during an incident or any other form of danger. Especially prevalent in industrial companies and manufacturers where the use and or processing of hazardous materials is in place, this also counts for companies that use heavy machinery and vehicles for their occupation. Continue reading “Strobe Warning Lights – Workplace Signs That Can Save a Life”

The Off-Road Power of a Hilux & How to Maximize It

There are many reasons that justify the Toyota Hilux’s popularity in Australia, the most prominent of which is its comfort on the road and its capabilities off-road. The Hilux has been around for about half a century now, and with time its been improved significantly since its inception in march of 1968. It’s a compact pickup truck that can have two to four seats in the cab depending on how much space you want on the deck. There are eight generations of this vehicle and the one you’ve probably seen the most is the seventh generation which was produced from 2004 to 2015 and in 2012 was Australia’s most popular vehicle being #1 on the sales charts. And this is due to its affordable power and comfort for both paved and unpaved roads. Continue reading “The Off-Road Power of a Hilux & How to Maximize It”

The Basics of Manual Metal Arc Welding

The Basics of Manual Metal Arc Welding

There are many forms and methods of welding, from TIG, MIG to ARC to inverter welding. All of these methods have their own uses for one metal or another. But the most common of the four is ARC welding due to its relatively inexpensive equipment and a simple operation process. However the process also produces many safety hazards to the untrained welder, so be sure to have the proper equipment and know-how before you start welding. Continue reading “The Basics of Manual Metal Arc Welding”

A Glimpse into the Successful Operation of Weidmuller


Industries that relay on efficient and accurate connections, whether that be for signals, power or data need top quality wire processing tools designed to provide a reliable and successful connection. This kind of tools should be able to deliver optimum performance so that professionals in the industry like engineers, electricians and data connection specialists can do their job safely, efficiently and with enhanced precision. From constructing electrical panels to building electrical machinery, wire processing equipment can be used for many different applications. Choosing the best tool for the job is of utmost importance when it comes to creating a data or power connection that can meet the established engineering standards and specifications. Continue reading “A Glimpse into the Successful Operation of Weidmuller”

Small Electric Motors: Products Where Size and Power Meet

Small Electric Motors: Products Where Size and Power Meet

While in the past it was unimaginable to rely on machinery, not just up to some degree but to a greater one, nowadays we actually can’t imagine living in a world that doesn’t rely on them. We’ve practically become dependent on technology so it’s not an exaggeration to say we’re all more or less addicted to it. While we require it for our daily life tasks, staying in touch with loved ones, paying bills, shopping and entertainment, it’s also the turning wheel behind industries and production. This is due to the convenience to run efficiently for a long period of time, operating at optimal speed and adding to the increase of productivity.

small electric motor Continue reading “Small Electric Motors: Products Where Size and Power Meet”

How to Save Extra Money With a Used Concrete Mixer

Used concrete truck

Concrete mixers are used in construction to mix concrete and they can work with a variety of materials such as sand, lime, gravel and many other aggregates made from the combination of such materials. Concrete mixers play an important role in the building industry and they are a very big capital investment that requires thorough research before a final purchase. They save you time because you do not have to waste your time manually mixing concrete. Continue reading “How to Save Extra Money With a Used Concrete Mixer”

Most Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Bus


For most people, buying used vehicles is the best option for a number of reasons: low price, low depreciation rate, bigger negotiation power, wide selection on the market, etc. Buying a used bus brings a lot of benefits. But like buying a used car or truck, there are many things that need to be closely considered before making a final decision. You need to be very cautious when looking for buses for sale in Australia if you don’t want to end up with a used bus that will need to repaired to a great extent after the purchase. You definitely want to invest your money in something worth right? Here are few things that you need to carefully consider when looking for buses for sale in Australia: Continue reading “Most Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Bus”